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Bonjour ! Bienvenue !

My name is Frederique and I organize custom travels to France
When planning travel, everyone will have a different point of view depending on the way of living, the former trips, or who will be part of your holidays.
Details matter, local knowledge is important for your personalized trip.

I work with a network of trustworthy people, selected for the quality of their service. Whether you travel for a romantic getaway or for a family time, I am here to facilitate the booking process and be the match maker between your wish and the locals.

I am also your contact point in France while you are travelling, to ensure an assistance during your trip.
Call me today and don’t wait to travel!

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Travel planner France
Travel planner France
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Meet Frederique,
your local
travel advisor

Bonjour !
I am Frederique. I am the founder of Les petits voyages d'Azur.
I live in the south of France. I went to school in Saint Tropez and still enjoy my life here. I am a happy mum of two children.
My parents had their travel agency. I used to grow up in a travelling ambiance !
That's why I studied tourism industry. I also started later (as an adult) studies about art history. Learning and passing my exams at 30 is so different than when you are a young adult. I knew what I wanted and worked for it.
I've been working in tourism for nearly 20 years now. Tourist offices, travel agencies, hotels. What's the common point in all these experiences ? I was happy when I was helping guests and visitors to enjoy a perfect trip .
I love travels and love also planning  which are two parts really different in a trip.

I know exactly how  to deal with it for your travel to France, and will make it as simple as possible for you.

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Your reviews

August 2021

Guided tour

My family of 7 had a guided tour of Saint-Tropez with Frederique. She is very knowledgeable of the area and the history of the area. She is an expert in the the region for the south of France. The information she teaches will be the foundation for the rest of your exploring in the region . Without Frederique you will be walking in the dark, and sadly missing valuable information of the sights you are walking right past. I cannot say enough positive things about our tour and would highly recommend.

Mark, Canada

Google Review

August 2021

Custom trip

Very nice service for the stay of
our friends. Thank you

Annie, UK


December 2020

Guided tour

Frederique connait Saint Tropez comme sa poche ! N'hésitez pas à faire appel à elle, vous en apprendrez plus que vous ne le pensez sur cette jolie ville. Elle est en plus très sympa !

Elise, France


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