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List of countries with colors

24 Jan 2022

The colored map of countries has changed a few days ago. Big change is for Australia and South Africa going from green to orange.
In addition, France has changed rules concerning the Health pass. We now need a pass with proof of vaccination.
I still strongly advise you to travel to France only if you are vaccinated.

To enter France, you need a negative test (48 hours max before departure), and you will have another one on arrival. This is only for travelers aged 12 or more.

What's happening in France at the end of 2021 ?

27 Dec 2021

The Prime Minister had a speech last night about the actual Covid situation in France.

Vaccination :
*French people will need to receive a 3rd vaccination to have their sanitary pass valid. We already started the vaccination
* Vaccination is also open for kids between 5 and 11. This is not mandatory.

Health pass
Question is to change the health pass with a vaccination pass. A law will be discussed on January 15.
In any case, I strongly recommend you to travel to France only if you are fully vaccinated.

It will be forbidden in January to gather in restaurants and cafés standing up. You need to have a proper table.
Concerts are cancelled.
Night clubs are not allowed to open before January 6th

PCR Test and entrance in France
Please check the link below .
A classification of countries is established.
Please note that Australia and Canada are green countries
US are orange countries
Compulsory reason is required when coming from UK


20 Dec 2021

France starts to face the Omicron. Measures are discussed about the health pass. Vaccination is highly recommended. All the public sites ask for the health pass, with checking of identity.
Night clubs are closed until January 6th 2022


28 Nov 2021

From 2022, all U.S. citizens will be required to obtain an ETIAS to travel to Europe from 2022, including minors. ETIAS (European Travel Information and Authorisation System) is the new travel authorisation for Europe. It will be valid for a total of 3 years from the moment of approval.
Applying for an ETIAS online will be easy and fast, since it will not take more than ten minutes to complete and only requires a valid travel document.
Applicants from the visa waiver countries will have to provide the following information when applying for an ETIAS:

Full name
Date and place of birth
Current address
Parents’ information
Passport and other nationality details

Apart from basic personal information, applicants will also have to answer questions related to:

Drug use
Human trafficking
Travel to conflict areas
Criminal history
Employment history
Past European travel information
Security information

COVID Measures

12 Nov 2021

The measures didn't change for the moment.

Health pass will be in use until summer 2022.

You can apply to a pharmacy to obtain your health pass (with a square code) but CDC cards are accepted everywhere.

This link will help you to organize your stay depending on your country.

List of the countries

12 Sept 2021

Have a look at the map of the french gouvernement to know the color of your country. Then check the following obligations to enter the country :

For any case, you should present a statement of Honour attesting to no symptoms of Covid-19 infection and contact with a confirmed case of Covid-19.

Green list :
- proof of vaccination (with the deadlines respected)
- negative PCR or antigenic test less than 72 hours (less than 24 hours for travelers coming from Cyprus,Spain, Greece, Malta, Netherlands or Portugal)
- Certificate of full recovery (positive PCR test dated from more than 11 days and less than 6 months)

Amber list :
- proof of vaccination (with the deadlines respected)
- compelling reason to enter the country with PCR test if you are not vaccinated.
+ 7 days of quarantine

Red list :
- proof of vaccination (with the deadlines respected)
- compelling reason to enter the country with PCR test if you are not vaccinated.
+ 10 days of quarantine

Update news

1 Sept 2021

France is about to close borders to Americans who are not vaccinated.
We don't know exactly about the date, we just know it's soon.

I strongly recommend to travel if you are fully vaccinated and if you can give the proof of vaccination (paper or QR code)

For those who are not vaccinated, a PCR test and a compelling motive will be necessary to travel to France

Health pass and QR code

26 Aug 2021

If you want to enter France with a QR code, you will need to convert your proof of vaccination. This URL link will give you more information about the process.

You need a health pass to visit sites in France : museums and exhibitions, hotels, restaurants, park, cultural, meetings places, concerts and shows, cinemas, festivals, sport events, all game rooms, zoos, circus and theme parks, libraries, cruise ships, night clubs and bars, some of shopping centers

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