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Plan your holidays !

My purpose is to help you to spend some amazing and memorable holidays with your friends and family in France, without worrying about finding accommodation or spending time looking at where you should go... 


To plan your trip, I will need to know you and the way you are travelling. Once you have filled in the design form, we will discuss to make sure I understand exactly what you are looking for. I will start research for your trip and will be in touch with to share your feelings about it.

You will be able to reserve directly and easily, with the links I will send you. 

If you prefer passing the booking part off  , let me know !

The first point is that you will save time. You will give me the main lines of the kind of trip you want, and I'll design different itineraries matching your hopes. You won't get lost trying to find the best hotel with a booking platform which might be tricky sometimes.


This way, you can benefit from useful tips from locals about activities, restaurants, road plans, even those not on TripAdvisors ! My aim is to build your dream holidays, as if it were created by you, with no hassle but with local knowledge. 

The best advantage of a local travel advisor is that you will have an assistance on site. Only one person to discuss with and who will know exactly who you are and your needs. 

No time zone issues

I provide an emergency service 24 / 24 and  7 / 7

One of my main value is to tie a connection  between travelers and hosts. this is why I will suggest accommodation and services who take care of each guest as a friend.


Why a local travel advisor ?

How long to plan ?

The sooner you know you want to travel, the best plan we will elaborate together. This will give you more choices. This could last between 1 and 3 months, depending also on your availabilities. If this travel is a last minute get away, we could work together also very quickly !

What are my services ?

  • A personnal conversation to discuss your wishes 

  • Individual research to design your itinerary

  • Research for hotels, restaurants, activities

  • Travel concierge services

  • Point of contact during travel

  • Final PDF personalized travel book

Why choose

Les petits voyages d'Azur ?

  1. I live on the French Riviera (near Saint Tropez). I grew up here, went to school in Saint Tropez. I know the region very well.

  2. I have travelled in France a lot and will use my knowledge of the site to design a perfect trip for you.

  3. I studied tourism and art history, and had my diplomas. I will be delighted to plan a very nice trip to discover or discover again France and the French Riviera for a family trip, a romantic trip ou gateway with friends.

  4. I've been working in tourism since nearly 20 years. Tourist offices, guided tours, travel agencies and hotels.

If you are ready to begin dreaming,

let's meet