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5 tips you need to know for your travel this summer

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

If you intend to go to France for your post quarantine trip,

here are a few tips you need to know !

  1. You don't need any visa

Preparing all the documents for a trip may take some time. Good news, you don't need a visa to enter France if you plan to stay less than 3 months (except for a few countries)

However, you will need a proof of your accommodation, which will lead to my second tip !

2. Start planning your trip as soon as possible

France is one of the most visited country.

Whether you wish to visit Paris, the Perigord or the French Riviera, accommodation will be hard to find if you think of it last minute.

Even if you don't know yet exactly what you would like to visit, it's good to know where you want to land and book an accommodation.

Do not hesitate to ask clearly about the cancellation policy !

3. Learn a few words of french !

We all know that, even if I am French, I know it !

French people will be nicer if you start the conversation with a Bonjour !

I am happy to share with you a list of words good to know (with the pronunciation) on my website

It will also be useful if you go to small villages, or if you find an accommodation in a tiny guesthouse.

4. Consider your planning with the time of transportation you may need !

Depending where you are going, traffic jams will be intense !

Paris, French Riviera, big cities

Of course, in the countryside, you can take your time and enjoy your journey !

5. Remind yourself that France is also known for its cuisine !

It will be a shame if you don't take some time to enjoy a good restaurant, to taste a real french Apéro , to eat a nice piece of baguette with a croissant at your breakfast.

It's totally part of the French way of life and definitely should be tasted !

If you have any questions about your travel to France, I will be happy to answer it !

As a local travel planner, I will organise a tailor made itinerary in France for your family trip or romantic trip .

Do not hesitate to contact me !

A bientôt !



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