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The Mimosa Road in the south of France

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

What time of year do mimosa trees bloom ?

Credit photo : Les petits voyages d'Azur

It is one of the treasures of the French Riviera: mimosas in bloom!

It is part of our daily life, when we live on the French Riviera.

No surprise to find mimosa at every corner of the road, but still the same wonder!

We chose to make the children enjoy this beauty, taking them for a family stroll to Bormes les Mimosas.

Obviously, with young children, the walk is a little longer than in couples.

But they were curious and wanted to see these famous yellow flowers!

Starting from Saint Tropez, we went along the coast crossing Cavalaire, Le Rayol Canadel and Le Lavandou. We could admire them all along the road (even if there is also mimosa in Saint Tropez!)

Credit photos : Les petits voyages d'Azur

Credit photo : Les petits voyages d'Azur

Credit photo : Les petits voyages d'Azur

The unmissable spots

The flowering of the mimosa extends over 130km between the Var and the Maritime Alps.

The Route du Mimosa offers several stages listed in kilometer markers.

Bormes les Mimosas

What time of year do mimosa trees bloom ?

Credit photo : Les petits voyages d'Azur

This small village of the Var is the starting point of the road of the mimosa.

Located in the heart of the Massif des Maures, with a plunging view of the Mediterranean and the islands of Hyères (Port Cros, Porquerolles and Le Levant), Bormes will delight you with its small passages, its village square, its alleys that go up .

If you come with a stroller, note that there are many stairs to walk in the medieval part of the village.

You will see trees in the village, but also on the road that runs along the coast (my favorite because you will benefit from the mimosa and the splendid view of the sea!).

Credit photo : Les petits voyages d'Azur

Credit photo : Les petits voyages d'Azur

Credit photo : Les petits voyages d'Azur

What time of year do mimosa trees bloom ?

Sainte Maxime

The sea on one side , the Massif des Maures on the other! Sainte Maxime is a seaside city perfect for family tourism. The city offers a pedestrian center with many shops, a nice walk and hikes in the massif.

Credit photo : Route du Mimosa


Let’s go to the Alpes Maritimes! Mandelieu la Napoule is close to Cannes, and stretches from the sea to the hills.

Arriving at Mandelieu, you will have an admirable view of the magnificent hills of mimosa.

Between the shore on the side of the port of La Napoule with its beaches and its castle overlooking the sea, and the small center of Capitou, Mandelieu offers a nice flowery break on the French Riviera.

To visit a forcerie (heated greenhouse) of mimosa, you are in the right place!

Pégomas and Tanneron are small villages nearby that will also fill you with their yellow flowers and handicrafts around the mimosa.

Credits photo : Office de tourisme de Mandelieu


The road of the mimosa ends in Grasse, perched at the top of the hills.

Grasse is also the perfume capital, with the famous Fragonard, Molinard and Galimard which allow visitors to visit their factories and also offer workshops to concoct its own fragance!

The best moment to see Mimosas blooming

There are several kinds of mimosas with flowering dates that differ a bit.

You can see it from the end of December until March.

However, I strongly advise you to come and admire them from late January to early February. You will have every chance to see the hills flooded with yellow.

This is when the corsos take place.

A corso is a parade of flowered floats. It is a real feast day where associations deploy their greatest talents for the beauty of their tank.

This tradition has existed for a long time (moreover, that of Bormes les Mimosas celebrated its hundredth corso in February 2020)

The four main cities that offer a corso are Bormes les Mimosas, Cavalaire, Sainte Maxime and Mandelieu.

What time of year do mimosa trees bloom ?

Credit photo : Les petits voyages d'Azur

Products from the mimosa

Mimosa is found in various forms.

In perfume of course, in soap, but also in culinary flavours.

For my part, I prefer to admire them in the hill and take pictures of this yellow gold on a blue background of the azure sky.

What do you think?

If you are a fan of the mimosa flower, know that the tourist office offers a service of sending of bouquet of mimosa.

To buy one, have a look at Mandelieu tourist office website !

mimosa trees south of france

Credit photo : Instagram Mandelieu Tourisme

Links to the tourist offices

Office de tourisme de Bormes les Mimosas

Office de tourisme de Sainte Maxime

Office de tourisme de Mandelieu

Office de tourisme de Grasse

For your trip on the French Riviera or throughout France, do not hesitate to contact me!

I would be happy to share with you ideas for a stay or organize your trip according to your wishes

A très bientôt !


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