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Raclette recipe

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Raclette is one of the most common dish in France during winter. Do you know what is raclette exactly ? It's a cheese !

Raclette in france

At the beginning, this cheese comes from Switzerland. You used to heat it near a fireplace and then scrape it to put it in your plate. This cheese soon arrives in the french mountain and started to spread when the temperature got lower. But it was still quite difficult to eat since you needed to place half the cheese (the big round cheese called meule) in front of the fire.

Raclette in france

Around 1970 in France, Tefal, a famous french society of home appliances, releases the raclette device, with 6 individuals little grills.

Nowadays, the Raclette is eaten in France every year, almost like a traditionnal dish (we had one for Christmas !)

Sharing this meal is friendly since nobody cooks and everybody is gathered around the device .

In the French Alps, you can still eat the Raclette with half a cheese, placed under a special grill.

But be careful ! Once you try it, it is hard to stop !


There is no proper recipe since it is only a grilled cheese.

However, you can choose different trimmings.

Most common is potatoes and charcuterie (white ham, smoked ham, bresaola, coppa, ...)

You can add quail eggs and cornichons.

Some also eat the raclette with smoked salmon and vegetables (mushrooms, peperonni, ...)

Raclette in France

If you come to France, you will find the raclette easily on the menu in restaurants, mainly if you happen to go on vacation in the mountains.

In Paris, you can also book a table in a restaurant that will serve only Raclette !


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