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The ultimate check list for busy moms !

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

travel to france with kids

You will be travelling soon (or you wish to travel soon !). You need to take care of everything concerning your luggage but also the luggage of the kids (and sometimes luggage of your hubby too ! Sorry, there will be nothing about it in this list 😁)

And as many busy moms, a check list is your best friend !

Here are a few tips if you will be travelling to France with children.

You can download it also !

Papers and IDs

* Passeport

* Insurance papers

* Health documents

* Student cards (if you travel with teenagers, most of museums, parcs and transport offer a discount with a student card)

* Copies of your reservations (at least the first night, since you will have to give information and proof at the airport on your arrival in France, as well at the insurance papers)

* Prescriptions of the medications you will need

* Tags to add in your children backpacks or in their pockets

Download the tags I am lost / Je suis perdu for children (please note in French : je suis perdu is for a boy / je suis perdue is for a girl 😁)

During the flight

If travelling with babies or young children, the flight can be the first step in supervising the trip and the luggage.

The take of and landing can really hurt their small ears.

Be sure to have something to drink (bottle of water or bottle of milk) to easy this moment.

Small tip for babies : even if the crew can heat the meal of your baby, they are quite busy during and before take off, and it took an hour for us to have the meal ready. Now we ask in a coffeeshop to heat it before we get in the plane. And were able to feed our daughter while other travelers took their seat in the plane.

*All the necessary for your baby (enough diapers, bottle of milk, pacifier / dummy,...)

* Bib

* Baby linen or thin blanket

* Tissues

* Travel pillow

* Medicine for any small baby / children trouble (our son had a teething during the flight )

* Ipad tablets with your children favorite movies and headphones for young children (with the sound reduced)

* Books and toys

* Some clothes in case your luggage get lost (that can happen !) I always put 2/3 underwear, a pyjamas and another outfit to have the essentials while waiting for my suitcase

I usually avoid coloring pencils (or just take 3 or 4) since they always fell down and you will spend all your time looking for them everywhere ! Use them in the airport with a special drawing book for them (no flying sheets !)

I like these kind of toys because children from 0 to 8 years old like them ! You can also use them for the beach, they are easy to put in a bag. They saved my trip more than once 😁

family trip france

Be careful also of all toys with wheels or easy to roll (same issue as the pencils 😂)

For your stay

France has a mild climate. But whether you are travelling to Paris or south of France, you will need different things.

In any cases :

* a raincoat

* 2 sweaters

* 2 small vests

* 3 tops short sleeves (more if you travel in summer)

* 3 tops long sleeves

* 2 trousers

* 2 comfortable trousers for the plane

* 3 bermudas / skirts / dresses

* 1 nice outfit if you wish to go in a restaurant

* 2 pyjamas

* 1 cap

* sunglasses (light can also be intense during the winter !)

* walking shoes

* slippers

* a small bag easy for your day trips

* a night light if your child can't sleep without it

* Baby monitor (in case you have dinner down in your hotel, not too far of course ! but in boutique hotels it will be useful)

If you travel during winter

* scarf


* another pair of walking shoes

If you travel during summer

* 2/3 bathing suits

* 1 or 2 pareos for the beach (most of the hotels will give you towels for your day beach/pool)

* sun cream

* top with long sleeves for the beach against the sun

* armbands

* flip flops

Of course you can find these easily in France, but why spending time looking for it when you can have it ready and have more time on the beach ? 😎

Toiletry bag

* Medicine you use regularly (fever, headaches, nausea,...). It is better if you know already the medicine instead of finding a pharmacy to use medicine you never used before

* Brush and comb

* Small towel

* Toothbrush and toothpaste

* Bandages

* Coton pads

* Nail clipper

Do not hesitate to to personalize it but this check list will definitely help you to prepare your next trip to France 🇫🇷

I wish you a very nice trip !

To organise your tailor made trip to France, send me a message !

Your travel planner : local agency for your vacation to France


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