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Travel planner, a new job ?

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

What we all need today is authentic contacts. Do you really want to buy your holidays on a platform with services already included (that you may not need !) A robot on a chat will talk to you and they don't even know your name (but know your file number)

A travel planner will help you to organise serenely your holidays, with human contacts and advice.

A travel planner will make your stay easy, with a gain of money and gain of time.

Gain of time

That is the biggest part of the activity of travel planner.

If you don't want to ask a travel agency for a package. if you prefer to have the choice

and settle the itinerary by yourself. If you don't have the time to prepare everything and spend hours on the web, then this is what you need. People who want to prepare everything by yourself, and have tips on the side will appreciate this kind of service.

In France, a shop starts this moto : Do it yourself, but not alone !

The travel planner will do the job for you, exactly as if you have done it by yourself, with experts tip as a bonus

Gain of money

Of course, the search needs to be paid. But as a travel planner, I have direct links with providers. It is quite easy for me to negociate rates or to have gifts on a service.

This is important in the total budget of your holidays.

Budget transparency

As a travel planner, I do not get commission from accommodation. I will guide you to what your really need, and not to where the commission is the highest.

Receptive service

One of my advantage is that I live in the French Riviera.

I regularly go and visit hotels and sightseeings.

I know the hazards of the region

I am also here when you are on holidays, contact is easier.

And the most essential !

Contacts are first made by email or social networks, but contacts are real. You will not discuss with a robot, but with a person who will take care of your needs.

You can ask me any information for your holidays, I will answer with great pleasure.

So why do you need to wait ? Let's start your holidays now


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