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What to see in Saint-Tropez ?

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

If you have in mind a picture of Saint Tropez with big boats, party on the beach and celebrities everywhere, let me show you the real Saint Tropez.

Situated in the south of France, this worldwide famous village is actually very small.

It is easy (and mostly recommended) to walk in town everywhere you need to go.

3 faces for this village : the provençal village, the French Riviera village, the seaside village.

The provençal village

With its market full of colors and smells of provençal items, you will adore this wonderful face of Saint Tropez. The sound of the church tower, the provençal names of the streets, the petanque challenges on the main square Place des Lices, every little corner of the village will remind you of the Provence. Get lost in the small alleys. You will find restaurants, shops, art galleries and the church in between the walls !

Look up at all the small niches house statues.

Look for the hidden squares, (rue de la Tour Vieille, rue Jarlier).

Saint Tropez has also one of the eldest provençal tradition with Les Bravades : the celebration of its patron saint and its military history.

Just enjoy this warm atmosphere of the south of France !

What to see in Saint Tropez

What to see in Saint Tropez

The French Riviera village

Saint Tropez is also a lively place !

Apéritif on the harbour, restaurants in the old town, after in a night club, breakfast on Place des Lices, day on the beach !

Since last century, Saint Tropez is the place where you go if you want to escape from everydaylife.

French writers and artists came regularly during the inter-war period. Boris Vian (french writer) started many parties in Saint Tropez, invited american musicians to perform together in its new club called Saint Germain des Prés La Ponche ! (La Ponche, an area in Saint Tropez, used to be the fishermen port)

What to see in Saint Tropez

What to see in Saint Tropez

The seaside village

Of course, you will enjoy the beaches and the harbor.

But did you know Saint Tropez lived thanks to the sea for the past centuries ?

Starting with the red coral fishing during the 16th century, with the expeditions on the royal ships, the maritime trade for the Ottoman empire, the fishing activities,... The history of Saint Tropez is totally linked with the sea. And that gives the village this particular feeling.

Nowadays, we still enjoy the sea. The activities of the fisherman are still running. Young and old are happy to swim in the Mediterranee, with its warm temperature.

What to see in Saint Tropez

what to see in saint tropez

Even if the village is very famous, Saint Tropez wants to preserve its authenticity.

No restaurant or hotel chains. No big buildings. A seaside preserved with a natural barrier of posidonius.

If you wish to discover the real village of Saint Tropez, I also organize guided tours (little group of 6 or private tour).

Have also at my website to discover guides to download and children travel books !

Do not hesitate to ask me for a guided tour or to organize your stay in France !

A bientôt !



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