Trip to France Itinerary

Dealing with an itinerary is one of the most exciting part of the organisation.
Les Petits Voyages d'Azur is based on the French Riviera. 
With a strong experience in creating itinerary, Les Petits Voyages d'Azur will design for you a custom itinerary, according to your criteria and your party.


Places to visit in France

Designed with love of France, we will elaborate together your perfect itinerary

  • for a romantic trip

  • for a family vacation

  • for discovery trip

  • for a relaxing vacation

  • for one time life trip

First thing you need to know, France has as many regions as different faces. You will feel totally different in Paris, in Provence, in Burgundy, in Normandy,...
And so does the gastronomy ! 

Between vineyards, cathedrals, breathtaking museums like the Louvre, medieval villages, France is a cultural place.

But don't underestimate the countryside, beaches of the Mediterranean sea for a perfect itinerary !

Then think of how many time in transport you would like to spend ?
You won't be able to visit all the regions of France in a 14 days itinerary.

3 regions in 14 days is the maximum to enjoy each place


Main cities of these regions are Marseille, Aix en Provence, Nice, Cannes, Rouen, Orleans, Dijon
Best places to visit combined with vineyards, UNESCO sites, french countryside, chateaux, beaches,... 

It is quite easy to find places of interest according to each own's desires.

If you come for the second time, why not visiting other beautiful regions with each a strong identity

  • Britanny with Rennes

  • Basque Coast with Biarritz

  • Corsica with Ajaccio

  • Champagne with Reims

  • Nouverlle Aquitaine with Bordeaux

  • Jura with Pontarlier

  • Occitanie with Toulouse

  • Alps and the beautiful city of Lyon

As a local travel designer,
I will be happy to design your itinerary to France
according to your criteria.


France itinerary
france itinerary
france itinerary
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Promenade des Anglais
Mont Saint-Michel

How much do you spend on a trip to France ?

A cost of your trip to France will depend on your destination

Paris and the French Riviera will be more expensive than the other regions.
You should also note that prices can highly change, whether you will be travelling in summer or in winter (except Paris)

This is an example of cost for a 2 weeks trip, based on Paris and French Riviera prices

14 days in France budget for 2 people

Accommodation in a 4 star hotel :   4 000 € / 4 650 $
Restaurant :                                 1 120 € / 1 300 $
Attractions :                                    700 € /    800 $
Airfare :                                      1 200 € / 1 400 $

TOTAL :                                      7 020 € / 8 150 $

How much cost a trip to France


Spring from April to June

Starting with the Easter school holidays, many shops, restaurants and hotels will open at this time.
The weather in April is hard to tell, since it can rain everyday or you can already enjoy a pre summer weather.
In France, May is the month of getaways and short stays since we have many holidays (1st May, 8th May, and religious celebrations like Whit Monday and Ascension.
June is definitely a nice and warm month to visit France. Weather is very nice, and if you go on vacation on the seaside, you can already enjoy a bath in the sea.

Summer in July and August

July and August are the high season peeks in France.
Everthing is open, lots of concerts, festivals, shows everywhere in France.
The weather is hot in the South of France, more chilly in Paris and North
If you love movements, action, summer is the best period for you.
However, these months are also high season in prices, and your budget will change a lot if you travel in a touristic area.
As the country is crowdy, it means also more traffic on the road or in any means of transport.

You should note that in August, quite all societies close in Paris and this is the month of vacation for a lot of Parisians.
So Paris in August will be less crowded than Britain, Corsica or French Riviera.

Automn in September and October

Autumn is such a lovely time to visit France.
French families go back home since it is school time. 
The weather is still so nice and warm.
You can enjoy your stay differently, skip the lines easily and relax.

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