What services do you provide ?

DIY SERVICES : If you want to do it by yourself but with some help from an expert :
- Pick my brain service : We have a 60 minutes conversation by visio and you can ask me all the questions you need for your trip. You will need to give me all the useful information about your trip so that I can be ready for your appointement. You can choose this service at the very beginning of your organization, or at the end.
- Design my itinerary : If you are not a visio person, we can chat with emails or whatsapp. You will give me the main lines of the trip you would like to do (who will be travelling, what you would like to do, ...) and I will design an itinerary for you, regarding your criteria, the destination, the season,... You will have the possibility to change it twice. You will then receive your itinerary by PDF document. Of course, this is just information of what you could do. There is no obligation for you to follow this itinerary.
- Packages : These services include a complimentary call of 30 minutes, illimited exchanges to design your trip, a tailor made itinerary, hotels recommendations, restaurant recommendations, activities to do, local assistance and a connexion to an app to see all your travel information in your device.
Travel guides
As a local travel service, I edit travel guides to help you DIY 

A la carte Service
Spare the stress of bookings and double checkings . I will do it for you !
I will book hotels, restaurants, activities, tickets, guides, private transfers. Choose if you want everything or just part of it !

VIP Service
If you wish any surprise, like a bottle in your room, or flowers, I will be delighted to book it for you.

Private tours in Saint Tropez
With a diploma of history of art, I organize tours in Saint Tropez. I am always happy to explain the beautiful history of this so famous village.