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What services do you provide ?

* a complimentary call of 30 minutes
* illimited exchanges to design your trip
* tailor made itinerary
* hotels recommendations
* restaurant recommendations
* activities to do
* local assistance
* connexion to an app to see all your travel information in your device

Travel guides
As a local travel service, I edit travel guides to help you DIY 

A la carte Service
Spare the stress of bookings and double checkings . I will do it for you !
I will book hotels, restaurants, activities, tickets, guides, private transfers. Choose if you want everything or just part of it !

VIP Service
If you wish any surprise, like a bottle in your room, or flowers, I will be delighted to book it for you.

Private tours in Saint Tropez
With a diploma of history of art, I organize tours in Saint Tropez. I am always happy to explain the beautiful history of this so famous village.


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