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Why Les petits voyages d'azur is a travel specialist ?

Frederique, your travel designer, is passionate with travels and France. Of course, this is not enough to be a specialist.
Frederique has a diploma of tourism (BTS Tourisme), a diploma of travel agent (Mention complémentaire Service Voyages). She also has a diploma of foreign languages (english and german) and of art history (licence d'histoire de l'art)
With 20 years of work in the travel industry (travel agencies, tourist offices, hotels,...), Frederique has created her own network of suppliers based on all the links and information she has. 
To satisfy her clients and to know exactly the suppliers, Frederique goes regularly to the places. It keeps a social track and a vision of what her clients will have during their vacation.
Born in Paris, 10 years in the Loire Valley, Frederique lives on the French Riviera for 30 years. She knows and loves also the Provence Region.

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