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Top facts to call a local travel pro for your vacation

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

If you love travelling, you know that the organization part is the first step to your trip. But it can be also tricky and you may feel discouraged facing all these Instagram / Pinterest / Facebook pictures you have saved. The first reason to call a pro ? Travel is my job ! I have met so many guests during my previous jobs who had their itinerary based upon internet / tripadvisor researches. Sometimes they were designed by travel agents who never been there. But the reality is so different !

  • I have worked a long time with Americans, British and Australians travelers.

  • I do researches everyday. I know how to deal with all these information you get. I know how to organize all these beautiful ideas. I have a computer full of nice adresses, small shops, wonderful hotels and delicious menus of restaurants.

  • I live in France, I know my country (and I love it 😁). It could be a lovely idea to come 15 days in France and visit Paris, Rouen, Strasbourg, Tours, Nice, Marseille and Lyon. I will give you this kind of itinerary only if you want to go around the world in 80 days. But I am also aware that France transportation is not perfect, that main roads do have a lot of traffic jam and that maybe choose between all of these beautiful places will be your best option !

  • I provide local assistance. Any issue during your trip ? Any major incident happening ? I will deal with it, help you with the authorities, move your booking, find a solution.

  • I let you know about French habits ! Like learning a few words of French to get a smile. Like what it looks like driving in France. Like the times of meals. Like the delicious dishes you can taste (and those to avoid !)

  • I have connections (and not contracts). I can deal with any hotel as long as it suits you. I try for the best to offer independent adresses and business owners. They want to tie a real connection with travelers (and not just have another client). Hotels are always happy to offer my clients upgrade, bottles, gifts, vip welcome,...

  • I go and visit. Because I know that internet can easily fool you, I tour hotels to know exactly how they are, I taste restaurants, I enjoy sightseeings.

  • I check the covid organization for your security to let you travel safe

  • I provide you with all the information you need during your trip. You will have access to an app with your itinerary, adresses and city guides with updates.

  • I deal with all your bookings, about hotels, restaurants, activities, exhibitions.

  • Long time ahead or last minute ? I take care of each client, with long or short terms !

If you want to save your time and relax to enjoy your next vacation, contact me !

A bientôt !


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