Guided tour of
Saint Tropez

Would you like to discover the real village of Saint Tropez ? I will guide you through the harbour, the old town and the beautiful Place des Lices.You will learn about the history, discover how Saint Tropez became famous, stand at the places paint by the artists of the beginning of 20th century, such as Signac, Marquet,...


The beauty of Saint Tropez in a private tour.
With friends or family, Saint Tropez will be all yours during this visit. 
Learn about the history of the village, about movies from And god created woman to Emily in Paris,
about painters or writers like Colette, or Boris Vian / Vernon Sullivan


Together we will discover the wonderful history of the city. Who is Torpes ? Why the Bravades of Saint Tropez are so important in the heart of the Tropezians ? Did you know the village was a leader in the maritime activities in the 18th and 19th century ? 

You will also discover that Guy de Maupassant was the first one to write about Saint Tropez and that the village was the place to be for the French painters at the beginning of the 20th century.

While we will be strolling on the port, we will talk about the celebrity of the village worldwide, but also how all begun.

You may want to enjoy a glass of wine, or taste the tarte tropezienne,... Let me know !


With the arrival of Paul Signac in 1892, the village arose in the french art history !

He succeeded in sharing his passion for Saint Tropez, and many friends and artists came to develop their skills.

Let's discover together why the artists settled in Saint Tropez, how the village became the place where you should go if you are a painter. We will compare the paintings with the places and how the artists represented it.

Do not hesitate to visit also the Annonciade Museum !


From And God created the woman to Emily in Paris, we will stroll in the village to learn more about the different movies and series shot in Saint Tropez



Come on with me and discover Saint Tropez together !
Let's stroll for one hour in the village, going back in time with a nice tale that will guide us in the old town, to the church and the harbor.

Activities during the tour, and special gifts for our little travelers !
Children must be accompanied by an adult during the tour.

This tour is available only in French


Living in Saint Tropez since my childhood, I know every part of the town. After studies of tourism, I worked at the tourist office and was trained as a guide. Passionate with history and art, I am constantly looking for information to complete my knowledge about Saint Tropez.

Guided tour Saint Tropez

Plan your day trip
to Saint Tropez

I will be delighted to help you to organize your day trip to Saint Tropez. As your guide, you will discover with me the history of Saint Tropez and the charm of this famous village. Then, visit one the museums, have a boat trip, enjoy some shopping, taste a delicious wine or have a cocktail on a beach... Custom your day, and let me take care of everything !

60€ / person

  • Welcome at your arrival

  • Booking of itinerary or activities to do during your day

  • Private guided tour of 1hour within the old town

  • Booking of a restaurant