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Discover the Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

Would you like to discover one of the most beautiful villa of the French Riviera ?

I really enjoy visiting this place, since you feel like you could have a house like this !

I visited a lot of chateaux in the Loire Valley, with rooms furnished but ,you know it's a castle and obviously, if you are not a prince or princess, you don't feel at home !

With this villa, (maybe it's because I live in the region), you can just think you are visiting a beautiful house where you could receive your guests (lots of people choose it for their wedding) and maybe be part of the house !

All joking aside, if you want to discover the French Riviera and its glorious time, this is a place you should definitely visit. My mum and I visited it in June 2020. The season was perfect !

This gorgeous villa used to be the home of Beatrice Ephrussi de Rothschild. Daughter of the baron Alphonse de Rothschild (renowned art collector), she decided to construct her dream home in Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, after her divorce with Maurice Ephrussi and the death of her father.

1912 : the Villa was her winter home, when she was not in Paris.

The Baroness Ephrussi de Rothschild made her Villa a true haven for art collectors with porcelain, furniture and paintings by the Great Masters. The Villa was decorated in the Rothschild style, i.e., with the best from each era, resulting in a somewhat eclectic mix !

In 1933, a year before her death, Beatrice bequeathed her Villa and the entirety of its collections to the Académie des Beaux-Arts. The Académie also received the 7 hectares of land and some 5,000 works of art.

Discover the site

Once you reach the top of the hill of the Villa, you will be stunned by the scenic view overlooking the sea and Villefranche sur Mer.

You can either discover first the gardens or the house.

  • The house

Admire the incredible façades of the house. The northern one is inspired by Italian palazzo (Renaissance and Gothic style) in a pink color. The southern one is very classical and symmetrical.

From a high point in the garden, the façade is exceptional with all the fountains and water jets in the same symmetry axis.

Enter the house and discover the beautiful patio, all in a pink.

You will discover the state apartments, the apartments of Beatrice and the rooms at the first floor.

Every piece of furniture is art. From the Tapestry of the Gobelins Manufactury, paintings of Boucher (French painter of 18th century with a rococo style), the ceiling by the Venetian painter Tiepolo to the gaming tables and bedrooms furniture covered with Chinese silk.

If you like porcelain, the Villa is also the place of a very nice collection coming from the Vincennes Manufactory.

  • The gardens

The main garden is designed in a shape of ship's deck, with waterfalls and ponds.

From the temple of love (which reminds of the temple of love in chateau de Versailles), the view of the villa is incredible.

You will then discover so many places, all in one !

Spanish gardens, Japanese gardens, Florentine gardens, Provençal gardens, Rose gardens,...

surrounded by inspiring music ;)

Walk through pine trees, exotic plants, papyrus from Egypt with an according architecture of fountains, canopies, patio, arcades, to feel like you are somewhere else!

Credit photos : Les petits voyages d'Azur

The restaurant

We really enjoyed our lunch on the shaded terrace. It was simple and really tasty, with amazing desserts.

You can also just go there for tea time and feels the "baroness ambiance"

Credit photos : Les petits voyages d'Azur

The access

The Villa is not very far from Nice, but I must say that access and parking are quite difficult.

If you are driving, the road to the Villa worths it since you will drive on the corniche.

Parking is small and difficult if you drive a big car (like everywhere on the corniche !)

I highly recommend to get there by bus or, the icing on the cake, is to book this trip with a private guide and driver who will take care of everything and will give you all the explanations you need .

The site is open every day.

If you are coming in summer, the Villa opens also in the evening once a week !

So ? Are you coming soon with us ?

For more inspiration, check out also my other blogs !

Photo credit : Frederique Chagnon, Les petits voyages d'Azur


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