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Getaway close to Paris : Orleans !

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

is orleans france worth visiting ?

A little escape an hour from Paris, is it possible?

Yes! Orleans is full of small treasures that will allow you to combine a getaway with urban notes and nature!

Located in the Loire Valley, in the Loiret department, Orleans is a city to discover.

Highlighted by beautiful renovations, it has become an ideal destination for a city break.

I suggest you a small suggestion of my favorite places to discover.

La cathédrale Sainte Croix

I do not hide it anymore, I am passionate about religious architecture. And I admit that the Cathedral of Orleans is one of my favorites! Its architecture is splendid in the flamboyant Gothic style. The history of Joan of Arc is traced on the stained glass windows of the cathedral.

The Martroi square

Heart of the city, it is dominated by the equestrian statue of Joan of Arc. Lined with cafés and arcades on Rue Royale, the square is the starting point for the shopping streets.

The ancient part

I admit that I was not used to have a walk there very often. But the rediscovery of the old center was very pleasant. The beautification of the city is remarkable. The cobbled streets, the old shops, and above all, the multitudes of half-timbered facades, of all colors allow a very nice walk.

Urban art in Orleans

For the unusual side, urban art has a place of choice in Orlaans! Look for the representations of Thomas Vuille’s cats, aka M. Chat, go see the walls of the old vinegars!

The Orleans Wall, located on Rue Henri Roy, is the display of numerous urban art artists who regularly follow each other.

Orleans celebrates them with a festival of urban arts.

is orleans france worth visiting ?

is orleans france worth visiting ?

L’Hôtel Groslot

Take the time to stroll around and discover Orleans at the time of the Renaissance. All these beautiful facades testify to the importance of the city and the Loire Valley in the artistic development in the 16th century.

Places to see :

Hôtel Groslot (place de l’Etape, near the Cathédrale)

Hôtel des Créneaux (32 rue Sainte Catherine)

Hôtel Cabu (Archeological museum, square Abbé Desnoyers)

The beautiful streets

Orleans is full of beautiful streets. In the old center of course, but also around the heart of the city.

The Rue de la République (which will please the shopping lovers!), the Rue Jeanne d'Arc (which will offer you a beautiful clearance on the cathedral), but also the royal street, Rue Sainte Catherine and in the old center, rue de la Poterne and rue de la Charpenterie.

The tourist office of Orleans offers different guided tours.

If you love nature, Orleans also allows you to go green!

The flower park

The floral park of Orleans la Source is a very nice outing to do . And for a change of scenery, I advise you to visit the park in rosalies or with the little train!

Boat trip

For a different experience, enjoy a stroll on the Loire River aboard a toue!

With the jig, the toue is the traditional boat used to sail on the Loire, which is a wild river, with multiple whirlpools and sandbars.

Admire the Ligerian birds (like the Knight), and the small wild islands.

As in all major cities, Orléans also offers a city pass

Transport, guided tours, museum admission, discounts in restaurants and hotels.

Do not hesitate to get this great plan from the tourist office.

is orleans france worth visiting ?

What about the food in Orleans ?

And yes, because we cannot miss this essential point!

There is no shortage of chocolate shops in Orléans! I really like the Chocolaterie Royale (51 rue Royale) because the window display is a real treat for the eyes and the taste buds . I brought a chocolate camembert last time, for the joy of my children!

La Chocolaterie Royale is also the oldest in France (1760)

is orleans france worth visiting ?

Vinegar is the specialty of Orleans. Formerly, the river port of Orléans was very important to feed the capital. The transport of wine was part of it, and it happened that the wine arriving at the destination was sour (in contact with oxygen).

There’s still a vinegar factory in Orléans, la maison Martin Pouret

Useful information

In Orleans, you will find many wine bars and restaurants! And you will quickly understand that the place that gathers most good addresses is the rue de Bourgogne!

Julie and Blandine, 2 french girls living in Orleans, share their adresses (check their video)

8 place du Châtelet

+33 9 65 16 64 09

A nice selection of wines, local products, a nice terrace, what more could you ask for?

137 rue de Bourgogne

+33 7 87 97 95 24

If you like Asian and Korean cuisine, don’t hesitate!

178 rue de Bourgogne

+33 7 68 07 34 43

A treat, this Syrian cuisine will delight your taste buds

Other nice adresses in Orleans

165 rue de Bourgogne

+33 2 38 54 30 80

New address, short menu with seasonal products, charming reception, original cuisine. You know everything! All you have to do is book and go!

17 boulevard Alexandre Martin

+33 2 38 54 05 16

The translation of the name is : The brat school

If you like the offbeat side of the decoration and the good dishes, don’t miss it!

A place that will please children as much as brats we used to be!

26 place du Châtelet

+33 2 38 62 07 50

For traditional and refined cuisine

And above all, if you come during the summer season, do not hesitate to go and test the guinguettes! Musical and exotic atmosphere on the banks of the Loire, a real moment of pleasure for an aperitif or a good evening!

Accommodation in Orleans


Guest house of character

Very nice owner who will allow you to discover Orleans and its wines !

Hôtel de l'Abeille, 3-star hotel

Warm welcome for this family-run hotel located on a pretty street in the city centre

Hôtel d'Orléans, 3-star hotel

Nice welcome in a refined setting

Grand Hôtel, 3-star hotel

Family hotel near the train station

Near Orléans, this B&B allows you to relax in a natural and relaxing setting.

A walk along the Loire in Olivet allows you to discover beautiful mills.

I would be happy to help you plan your city break in Orleans, or your trip in the Loire Valley. Do not hesitate to contact me!

A bientôt !


is orleans france worth visiting ?

is orleans france worth visiting ?

is orleans france worth visiting ?


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