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Top 10 reasons you should visit Aix en Provence

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

When you hear the name of Aix en Provence, you imagine a pretty town, with colorful façades, fountains, cafés along the Cours Mirabeau... Close you eyes and let it happen !

Near from Marseilles, the town is so different from the big city on the seaside.

If you come to Provence and the south of France, Aix en Provence should definitely stand on your bucket list.

Aix en Provence savon de Marseille

Aix en Provence is like a village, but with the size of a town !

Stroll through the old town, smell the flowers on the market, enjoy the everydaylife with markets everymorning . You really feel like you are in a village of Provence.

fountains Aix en Provence

But as soon as you reach the Cours Mirabeau, this long street paved with fountains and cafés like Les deux Garçons where Cezanne used to come, there is this urban touch which gives Aix en Provence a wonderful charm !

The town of fountains and squares

Fountains Aix en Provence

You can get lost in the streets of Aix en Provence. Everymoment you will see a fountain, or a square, or a fountain on a square ! Look for the mousse fountain on Cours Mirabeau, search also the Dolphin fountain or the Boar fountain ! And all these beautiful squares : one with a market, one with a fountain, one with entertaining bars à vins, one with the quiet atmosphere to have a rest,...

Fountains Aix en Provence

Look up at the beautiful houses

Aix en Provence has a strong history. It used to be the place where the counts of Provence were living. In the old town, you can find on your way a lot of hôtels particuliers, each of it with its history.

The tourism center of the region offers a detailed description of these hôtels particuliers

Old shops and delicious sweets

Aix en Provence has preserved the old facades of its shops. Between the hôtels particuliers, here and there you can see the signs on the walls, sometimes well preserved, sometimes almost erased.

In the storefronts, you can find shops with the Provençal look of the old days. The boutique of madeleines, delicious patisserie, is victim of its success and one must wait to be able to buy these little sweets. Aix is also the town of the Calissons : sweet made of melon, almonds and royal icing.

This one should definitely stands on your "What to taste" list !

Aix en Provence houses

Aix en Provence what to do

Calisson Aix en provence
Credit Passion Provence

A place of artists

Aix en Provence is home to painter Cezanne. He was fascinating by all the lights on the Montagne Sainte Victoire and painted it 87 times. Follow his steps in his workshop, in his favourite café where he met Emile Zola, and in the field of painters : le terrain des peintres. This place offers the best view on the Montagne Sainte Victoire.

Roman ruins

Aix en Provence has such a deep history !

As it was one of the main town during the roman times, it keeps remains of this glorious past.

Like the baptistere in the beautiful Saint Sauveur cathedral, or the roman baths here and there in the town.

La montagne Sainte Victoire

Pablo Picasso himself was fascinating by the Montagne Sainte Victoire. He bought at the end of his life the Chateau de Vauvenargues (private property) and said : I live at Cezanne’s

You can actually go and hike near the Sainte Victoire to have breathtaking landscapes

Follow a guide or discover it by yourself !

Aix en Provence : a lively city

Markets, Antiques, flower markets, are part of the everydaylife of the town!

But furthermore, Aix offers many shows in the street, or you can hear music anytime when you have a stroll.

Aix en Provence is a university town and students give the city a special atmosphere.

The Festival d'Aix en Provence, in July, let us enjoy concerts and theatre.

There is always something to do in Aix en Provence !

So close from everywhere !

It is very easy to reach main towns from Aix en Provence.

Marseilles is only 40 minutes drive, Avignon is hour drive like les Baux de Provence.

Between the sea and the Alpilles, don't you find it's a perfect place ?

A town for couples and families

There is a hint of chic and glamourous in Aix en Provence. Have a tea on Cours Mirabeau and stay in hotels built in Hôtels particuliers to feel it .

There is a hint of Provence lifestyle with the markets, the provençal cuisine, the flowers and this nice smell of savon de Marseille !

There is a hint of shopping addict with a wide range of stores for clothing or decoration.

And with all these atmospheres, children and teenagers will be seduced ! All these curious fountains, all these squares, and a way to discover art with the Vasarely Fondation !

Aix en Provence savon de marseille

Aix en Provence flower market

Aix en Provence old town

I will be delighted to organize your stay in Provence.

Have a look at my services !

See you soon,


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