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Provence : inspiration for a getaway to Gordes

Updated: May 27, 2023

We visited this part of Provence in September. I really like this part of the year because the sweetness comes back, the circulation is easier and the atmosphere is really different.

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Day 1 : L'Isle sur la Sorgue and Fontaine de Vaucluse

Isle sur la Sorgue

We started our little getaway in L'Isle sur la Sorgue. And we were under its charm !

The Sorgue crosses the whole village.In the 17th century, paddle wheels were installed to exploit the work of wheat.There are still a few left today, the tourist office suggests a path to discover them.

It gives a special atmosphere to this place.The walk is very pleasant.

In the streets of the old town we did some shopping, like truffle oil and olive oil.

We also take the opportunity to visit some antique shops.The city is a paradise for antique dealers and there are many shops and antiques!

Isle sur la Sorgue visit Provence

Fontaine de Vaucluse

You can go on to Fontaine de Vaucluse.Near the village of the same name, is a source of the Sorgue and its abyss.Exceptional and enchanting site that gave its name to the department of Vaucluse, it is very pleasant to walk and enjoy the splendid panorama.

Day 2 : Gordes, the village of bories and Senanque Abbey


The next day, we follow our route to Gordes. This small village is one of the best known in Provence.Perched village, alleys and ramparts, the very sight of the village , with the mountains of Vaucluse, is spectacular.

Many artists were inspired by this village, like Marc Chagall.

You just have to stop and take a picture on the road to Gordes to understand why this village has always fascinated .Its terraced houses, its situation overlooking the Vaucluse, give it a unique charm.

Our son (2 and a half years old at the time) liked the cobbled streets a lot but I admit that in a stroller, it’s quite delicate.And with the many climbs and descents, people who have trouble walking will not appreciate this village at its fair value.Even if the village square is charming.

With the our son, we preferred, rather than visits, the discovery of the village of the bories.

Located near Gordes ,this site is out of time.We walked between the stone dwellings.These were temporary, to compensate for the housing during the many agricultural works.

The site is small and can be easily visited in 30 minutes (even if we took more than an hour because it is a huge playground for children 😁 ). Change of scenery is the right word for this visit. You will also discover the interior of these houses and a small booklet at the entrance explains all the techniques used for the construction.

Senanque Abbey

I cannot say what is most fascinating about the discovery of the Senanque abbey.

First of all, the place.Nestled between the hills, you will have to access Senanque by a winding road and quite narrow.From here you will have a view that overlooks the abbey.

Then the frame.You’ve probably seen this photo of the abbey, surrounded by lavender fields.It’s beautiful.But it would be a shame to limit its charm to this enchanting setting.

The abbey itself is fascinating.For an art history enthusiast like me, the site always attracts me.

Senanque Abbey is a Cistercian abbey.The Cistercian order dates back to the 11th century.

(It is right to distinguish with a Benedictine abbey that favors collective life and prayer)

The Cistercian order emphasizes manual labor, the individual poverty of the monks, and a severe collective life.

Architecture applies to this way of life.

No color in these abbeys not to distract the attention of the monks

The church is sober, the plan is simple and severe

The buildings (which are called conventual buildings) that are organized around rhythm the life of the monks.You can discover the cloister, the refectory or the chapter room.

With the visit of the abbey, one feels all the tranquility that emerges from this place.

The visit of the church is free, but to visit the buildings convers, you can follow a guided tour or a visit with Histopad.

Day 3 Roussillon, Lourmarin and the Golden Triangle


Village of Roussillon with shimmering colors!

With the old ochre quarry, the facades of this village come in yellow, orange, carmine,...

A little trip to Roussillon will give you a full view .

Roussillon is also known for the ochre trail.

A little further on is Rustrel and the Provençal colorado.

What is the difference between the ochre trail and the Provençal colorado?

We decided to visit the ochre trail, also known as the Giant’s Causeway Trail.With a young child, we preferred to limit ourselves to Roussillon and not to make too many cars.The trail is signposted, with views to take breathtaking photos!There are explanations for the children.

Two trails of 30 to 45 minutes allow you to make this extraordinary getaway!

The provençal colorado is just as amazing!Located in Rustrel, you can see the famous ochre chimneys.The trail is also marked and you can walk freely or follow a guided tour.Depending on the trail chosen, the time varies from 45 minutes to 4 hours.


Most beautifuls villages of France Lourmarin

We fell under the charm of this village!

With its Renaissance castle, its square which was very animated and the kindness of the Lourmarinois!

Unfortunately we didn’t spend much time there, but it was a really nice ride.

Le triangle d'or

If you like to visit the villages, I recommend of course the Golden Triangle

with the villages of Ménerbes, Bonnieux and Oppède

We opted for Ménerbes. Small alleys, art galleries, and also the house Dora Maar.

Dora Maar, artist and muse of Picasso, retired to Ménerbes after their break-up. Today, the house welcomes writers, artists and academics.

The tourist office also published a route of the most beautiful villages in France in the Luberon:






Where to sleep ?

For our weekend, we were accommodated.

However, I did find some small tresaores for your accommodation

Provence km28, Nice bed and breakfast in Gordes

La Bastide de Gordes, 5 star Hotel

La ferme de la Huppe, Gordes, 4 star Hotel

Domaine de Capelongue, Bonnieux, 5 star Hotel

Le clos de la Glycine, Roussillon, 3 star Hotel

Les sables d'Ocre, Roussillon, 3 star Hotel

If you want to come in high season, plan your accommodation relatively early.The establishments are quickly full !

There is so much to see in this part of Provence!The Luberon Regional Natural Park (a UNESCO World Geopark) is truly a getaway that will please everyone!

Don’t miss the vineyards with a nice wine tasting.

If you want me to organize your weekend, contact me.

I will be happy to plan your personalized itinerary

See you soon !

Credits photos : Les petits voyages d'Azur


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