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Thousand of colors just for you !

Imagine a place where the green, blue, yellow and purple meet !

The green olive trees, the blue of the sky, the yellow ochre and the purple lavender.

With a mix of colorful vegetables, named "vegetables of the sun"

Imagine the houses in stones and the song of the cicadas. Listen to the water flowing in a fountain. You are in Provence

A place of meetings for all cultures

Meet the antique art in Provence : the theatre of Orange, the arenas of Arles, the ruins in Vaison la Romaine, the Pont du Gard

Admire the serenity of the abbaye of Senanque contrasting with the powerful Palace of the Popes in Avignon

From villages to cities

Enjoy a perfect gateway to Gordes and the bories around. Visit Lourmarin and don't miss Les Baux de Provence, one of the favorite place in Provence.

Make a stop in big cities like Avignon, Aix en Provence, Arles.

Start your trip in Marseilles to discover one of the eldest city, with Notre Dame de la Garde overlooking the place.

Wild landscapes

On the opposite of the beautiful lavender fiels, you will be stunned by the coast with these majestic rocks. Les calanques are a fascinating place whether you walk, you have a boat ride or with a canoe.

La garrigue on the limestone ground, the Sainte Victoire Mountain who inspired Cezanne, the olive trees, cypress and plains are part of the atmosphere of the Provence.

Start your vacation

Experience the French way of life

Image de mariel reiser
Image de Nazar Hrabovyi
Gorges du Verdon
Abbaye de Senanque
savon de marseille
Colorado de Rustrel


Provence is known in France for its roman towns. Roman golden age and Provence are linked.

When Cesar arrived in Marseille and settled in 49BC, the whole region became roman.

Phoenicians brought olive trees, Roman troops brought their skills and knowledges.

All the landscape will be changing, and we now admire roman bridges, amphitheaters, triumphal arches and even a whole city, with Vaison la Romaine.

Major Roman places in Provence :

  • Arles (Arelate) : Amphitheater (UNESCO site), theater, Forum, columns, therms and the Alyscamps (often painted by Van Gogh)

  • Orange (Arausio) : Triumph arch (UNESCO site), Antique Theater (UNESCO site)

  • Vaison la Romaine : whole city with roman houses and villas, paved streets, ...

If you happen to go to French Riviera, have a look at Cimiez in Nice and Auguste's trophy in La Turbie !


Did you know that Avignon was the city of the Popes ?

Pope Clement 5th settled in Avignon during 14th century. After that, the biggest gothic palace of the world is built in Avignon as a house and a fortress.

But check also the incredible abbey of Senanque. Leave the big cities and enjoy the silence, the meditation atmosphere in the abbey, built hidden in a valley and surrounded with lavender fields.


  • Senanque

  • Avignon

  • Les Baux de Provence

  • Aix en Provence

  • Villages (Gordes, Bonnieux, Menerbes,...)

  • Beautiful landscapes like the Calanques of Cassis, ochre rocks of Roussillon, the Verdon Canyon

  • Lavender fields (best moment is beginning of July)

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