Travel planning services

As a trip planner, my main service is to create your own trip. The one as you wish. I will be taking care of every little details to be sure that your vacations will be part of your best memories.

I organize your trip with an important value : human contact. Whether it concerns the accommodation or services offered, I will always suggest business shop owners, independent hotels, small and local restaurants to plan your itinerary and trip.

But not forgetting that "le client est roi" (the customer is king)  !

Planning your vacation


Once I know more about your plans and wishes, I'll set up ideas of itineraries for you. Whether you prefer relaxing on the beach, or discovering the region, your planning will be designed according to your mood.

The travel form will give me information about your preferred travel style. 



Accommodation is an important part of your trip. It is easy to find a hotel, but more difficult to find THE hotel. I am in touch with a lot of hotels, to help you find the best price and best place for you. I get no commission from them, my choice will be directed by your wishes. I go and check hotels as often as possible, to offer you a quality and trustworthy service. 

All the hotels I suggest are independent. 

I provide everything you need to make your trip comfortable and carefree. 

What do I check with your accommodation ?

- location

- style and decoration

- cancellation policies, booking policies, prices

- hospitality

Hotel French Riviera
Travel Planner France


Additional to accommodation and custom itinerary, here are some services I am happy to offer: 

  • Guided tours by car or foot.

  • Museum & activities suggestions 

  • Train, bus, ferry information 

  • Dining recommendations 


You may need an assistance while you are on holidays. A last minute change, a new idea of activity, an urgent issue ?

No need to check the time zone, you will always have a contact point in France during your trip.

As a local agency, I also provide an emergency service. You can reach me 24  / 24 and 7 / 7.

Travel planner France
Travel planner France


This PDF unique travel book will give you useful information about your trip with a map of your itinerary, information about your accommodation, activities, restaurants and transfers as well as information about France. You will be able to download it easily and have it with you during all your trip

The traveller sees what he sees

The tourist sees what he has come to see.

Quote by G.K.Chesterton