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So much to discover in France

Whether you prefer cities, seaside, country or mountains, France has it. 

Feel the beauty of Paris, discover the wonderful region of Bordeaux, the unforgettable beaches of Normandy, the light and sun of the French Riviera or even the royal home of queens and kings in the Valley of the Loire

France is not a big country, travel when you want …

Enjoy a food trip to taste one of the most famous and delicious cuisine !

Where to begin ? 

French aperitif with salmon toast, tapenade, foie gras or amuse bouche, to taste with a glass of champagne...

Starters with soups, with vegetables or shrimps

Traditionnal dishes like Ratatouille, Blanquette, Cassoulet, Grilled Meat, Confit de Canard, Quiche Lorraine, Bouillabaisse, Gratin Dauphinois,...

And the delicious desserts like Mousse au Chocolat, Eclairs au chocolat, Chouquettes, Creme Caramel and so many others !

Taste a different wine each day !

We need to admit it. In France, we love drinking wine ! And for a good reason : there are so many possibilities !

Red wine of Bordeaux, Saint Emilion, Saint Estephe, Sauternes, Côtes de Beaune, Muscat, Côtes de Provence, ...

Choose your color between red wine, white wine and rosé wine of the 3240 french wines !

Art, Spa or beaches ?

Good news, in France, you can combine all of them ! 

Discover the art with spectacular castles, museums and exhibitions

Not to forget the beauty of the Jardins à la Française !

Have a relaxing moment in a spa, with massage, hammam, sauna, jacuzzi, pools,.... So many hotels offer these amenities 

Whether you prefer beaches of Britain, Normandy, North or Corsica, French Riviera, they are all different !

Start your vacation

Experience the French way of life



You will easily find a hundred reasons to feel comfortable in France.

Did you know that family is one of the most important thing for most french people ?

We do believe in :
- the strength of the intergeneration communication
Schools are happy to mix times to times with nursing homes. 
Our senior will talk to children to tell all the beautiful memories they have.
They also enjoy at the same time the funny questions and attitudes.

- the inheritage coming from our parents
Sons and daughters will always take what their parents told them for granted. 
In all categories : how to prepare a cake, how to build a wall, .... My mother told me how to prepare a quiche lorraine when I was 10. I never changed the recipe ;)
This includes also business. When you see "& fils" written a business card, you know for sure the business is in good hands.


France offers a perfect moment for everybody !
- Food lovers
- Handcraft 
- Long and nice walks
- Spa treatment
- French patisserie
- Painting
- Architecture, from prehistoric sites, to modern buildings, from abbeys to castle, from Gothic to Renaissance
- Nature, gardens, flowers, mediterranean trees
- Flea markets, flowers markets, provençal markets

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